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As a musician and arts educator I’ve delivered exciting workshops to a very broad range of different schools, community groups, and hard to reach young people. Some of the organisations I’ve worked with include; BBC, WOMAD, Creative Partnerships, Arts Council England, Various Borough Councils, Readipop, lots of schools and Youth Music.

For longer term projects I normally work with the organisation to design a bespoke project  to suit their needs.

However often people come to me looking for an "off the shelf" activity that can be done in a day or afternoon so below are a range of the sort of workshops I can deliver, or that can be used as a starting point for your workshop idea. I’ve put an idea of duration and participant numbers on each session, these are meant only as a guideline, and are flexible so do contact me if you’re interested.

Build a band, rock workshop:

  1. In this workshop participants will get to try a range of modern pop/rock instruments before forming their own band and composing a song. There will be an opportunity to try drum kit, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals and percussion and learn some of the techniques employed in playing each. A session will include musical warm up activities, introduction to the instruments, playing together as a band and composing a short song.

No. of Participants: 3 - 8* Duration: 90 mins - 3 hours

* dependent on space and duration, with more space and longer time this number can double

Samba Drumming, with Beatroots :

  1. Samba drumming is a great way for large groups of people to make music together, no experience is necessary, but there's plenty for more experienced musicians to do. Samba music originates from Brazil and has it's roots in African and European music, and is most commonly known as the music of carnival. Participants will learn a little about the history of the music and instruments and technique on how to play the instruments, the will then work together as a whole group to create a piece of Samba music, with intros, breaks and an ending.

No. of Participants: Max 30  Duration: 90 mins (minimum) 

Junk Instruments, make and play:

  1. Over the course of the session participants get to make their own instruments out of junk and recycled materials. Various instruments can be made, from shakers and percussion to ‘wind’ instruments. At the end of the workshop the group will come together to perform a short piece of music.

No. of Participants: Max 15* Duration: 90 mins (minimum)

* 30 in school with teacher support

Improvisation for beginners:

  1. This session is aimed at participants who can already play their instrument a little, it’s not really appropriate for absolute beginners (see build a band for that). Through a fun and structured process players will start to learn about both free and structured improvisation. Throughout the session players will have fun, develop new ideas, and gain an understanding of applied harmony.

No. of Participants: 3 - 8* Duration: 90 mins - 3 hours

  1. *dependent on space and duration, with more space and longer time this number can double

Recycled Beats, music tech:

  1. This workshop combines use of music tech and found sounds to create beats and tunes. Using Apple MacBooks loaded with Audacity, Reason and Garage band participants will find sounds from their immediate environment, these sounds are then sampled and the samples are used to make songs. THis session is unusual and fun, during which participants will learn about rhythm, music tech, and take a fresh look at their surroundings.

No. of Participants: 1 - 10* Duration: 90 mins - 3 hours

  1. *dependent on space and duration, with more space and longer time this number can double

As well as music workshops I also offer some art workshops, these can link with a music project, or run as standalone session.

Street Art:

  1. Participants design and paint their own canvas which can be taken home at the end. The participants will learn modern street art techniques, spray can control and more traditional techniques. They will work with acrylic paints, marker pens, found materials, aerosols and stencils.

No. of Participants: Max 15*  Duration: 2+ hours (minimum)

* 30 in school with teacher support

Tee Shirt Design and Print:

  1. Participants will make their own design before screen printing it onto a tee shirt (or hoodie if preferred). They will be taken through a process of designing the tee shirt and their own logo on paper and card, looking at examples of others work, font faces and typography and stenciling techniques, the materials used include, acrylic paints, silk screens, stencils and fabric markers.

No. of Participants: Max 15  Duration: 2+ hours (minimum


Do feel free to get in touch with your requirements or project idea, or for a quote for me to deliver one of the workshops above.

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